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Bear bile

Medication: Bear bile

Producer: Ltd Liaton


Plastic or glass bottle from 10 to 250 ml.


Bear bile, alcohol 40% in ratio 1:20.

Pharmacological effect

Anti-inflammatory and dissolving medication. The pharmacological action of the bear bile is connected with its ability to displace toxic bile acids in the body, reduce the saturation of bile with cholesterol, reduce cholestasis, exercise immunomodulating activity and exert direct cytoprotective action.

Influence on the organism

• Binds and removes toxins.

• Reduces the load on the liver.

• Stimulates the renewal of the liver cells.

• Cleanses the blood and improves its composition.

• Helps to cope with the consequences of alcohol dependence.

• Increases the production of bile.

• Increases the effectiveness of treatment of liver diseases and the bile duct system


For chronic gastritis, cholecystitis, epilepsy, to accelerate the rehabilitation period after a serious disease, for chronic hepatitis B and C, chronic pancreatitis, arthritis, oncology, the treatment of decubitus (bed sores) with the preventive goal: strengthening the immunity, improving metabolism; Prevention of the liver diseases; maintenance of vitality. Prophylaxis (prevention) and treatment of oncological diseases.

Posology and Administration

Take the bear bile 3 times a day, 30-60 min before a meal. A low-weighted person (less 50 kg) should take 1 teaspoon. A medium-weighted person (50-80 kg) should take 1 dessertspoon. A high-weighted person (more 80 kg) should take 1 tablespoon. No more then 1 tablespoon. The large dosage of the bear bile should not be taken! Overdose is extremely undesirable and can cause intoxication. It is strictly forbidden to drink with water or seize anything immediately after taking the medicine! During the period of application of bear bile, it is extremely not recommended to use any alcohol, including beer. The tincture is taken within 1-2 months without a break (depending on the severity of the disease). After that, a one-month break is made, and another 1-2 months is a fixing

Contra indications: individual intolerance, pregnancy, service (lactation) period. Do not use the medication with alcohol. Not a medicicne.

Side effect: in rare cases, the appearance of a relaxed stool is possible. After stopping the drug, the stool is normalized.

Recommendations on storage and storage time

Keep in dark place. Temperature from 5 to 25. Shelf life 2 years.

Товар добавлен в корзину!
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