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Bear Bile
Bear bile 0.1 gr., gelatin capsule.


The bear's bile is taken 3 times a day for 30-60 minutes before meals. The administration depends on the weight.
A medium-weighted person (50-80 kg) should take 1 capsule. A high-weighted person (more 80 kg) should take 2 capsules.

!! Remember that the bear bile is quite toxic. Overdose can cause serious poisoning.
The duration of the course is 1-2 months depending on the disease. During this period the drug should be taken continuously. Then a break for 1 month is made, after that the course is repeated.

Indications for use:
- cirrhosis of the liver;
- cholecystitis;
- pancreatitis;
- hepatitis (A, B, partially C);
- chronic gastritis;
- biliary dyskinesia;
- enterocolitis;
- ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
- parasites;
- worm infestations;
- gout;
- radiculitis;
- arthritis;
- rheumatism;
- traumas of a different nature (bruises, bruises, sprains, fractures, etc.);
- radiation sickness;
- Oncological diseases, tumors;
- Skin diseases (wounds, ulcers, pressure sores, abscesses, cuts);
- Decreased body tone;
- Chronic fatigue syndrome;
- epileptic seizures;
- metabolic disease.

Individual intolerance, pregnancy and lactation. Do not use for children.
Side effects:
During the treatment, especially in the early days, diarrhea and vomiting are possible. In this case, you should take a break before stopping unwanted symptoms, and then resume the course.

Special instructions:
During the treatment alcohol is forbidden. The container with silica gel is not edible!

Conditions and periods of storage:
Store in a dry dark place, at a temperature of 5 ° to 25 ° C. Shelf life 2 years.

Товар добавлен в корзину!
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