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Bear's bile (fel) with honey

The bear's bile is used to cure the following diseases: tumors (oncology, cancer), peptic ulcer, epilepsy (fainting sickness), arthritis, radiculitis, uratic arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, impotence (loss of sexual power), prostatitis, metabolic diseases, chronic (long-deep) pancreatitis, colitis, gastritis, greatly alleviates the condition if a person has diabetes, radiation sickness (removes radionuclides from the body), promotes the healing of old wounds, improves immunity, the bile is recommended for people who have had severe infectious diseases to support the vitality, and also as the preventive purposes. The list of diseases that are treated with bear bile includes more than 100 points.

The healing properties of the bile of animals have been known since ancient times. Today the largest pharmaceutical enterprises produce the medications of bile such as cholenzim, allochol, billiarin, which contain the substances of a bile. It should be noted that official medicine adheres to the recommendations and recipes that were used several centuries ago.

For chronic gastritis, cholecystitis, epilepsy, etc., use a tincture made of 25 g of dried bile of a bear or a wild boar and 500 ml. (40%) of alcohol or vodka. Bear bile is infused at a room temperature in a dark place for one month with daily shaking.

Recommendations for use: bile is taken 3 times a day, eating a slice of lemon. A low-weighted person (less 50 kg) should take 1 teaspoon. A medium-weighted person (50-80 kg) should take 1 dessertspoon. A high-weighted person (more 80 kg) should take 1 tablespoon. No more then 1 tablespoon. The large dosage of the bear bile should not be taken! Overdose is extremely undesirable and can cause intoxication. It is strictly forbidden to drink with water or seize anything immediately after taking the medicine! During the period of application of bear bile, it is extremely not recommended to use any alcohol, including beer. The tincture is taken within 1-2 months without a break (depending on the severity of the disease). After that, a one-month break is made, and another 1-2 months is a fixing course.

Contra indications: individual Intolerance, pregnancy, service (lactation) period. Side effect: in rare cases, the appearance of a relaxed stool is possible. After stopping the drug, the stool is normalized.

Formula:bear bile, honey in ratio 1:20.

Keep in a cool and dark place, the canned and condensed bear pile saves its healing properties for 2,5-3 years.

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