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Dead bees

At first sight dead bees do not look attractive. However, it is known that the honey bee body contains all components of its vital activity, such as honey, pollen, propolis, wax, bee venom, chitosan, royal jelly, dietary fiber and even fat, which is necessary and useful than the fish one, according to the opinions of some scientists. more All these substances have the richest chemical formula and have a beneficial effect on the human health. Therefore, the dead bees are considered to be the most valuable means of the apitherapy and the folk medicine.

Even a few decades ago, in most cases the only beekeepers cured with the help of dead bees. But today more and more patients, not related to beekeeping, are interested in dead bees.

Why have dead bees become so interesting?

Year after year the human body begins to destroy, loses strength and ceases to cope with negative factors and diseases by itself. Medicines and other products of the pharmaceutical industry are often not treated, but only relieve the visible symptoms of the disease. Health problems do not disappear, but stay inside, and appear at the most inappropriate moment. Usually at this time, there is little that can be corrected. Therefore, modern doctors and healers insist on the prevention and protection of the body. At this step the medications of animal and vegetable origin are sufficient. In our case, we will talk about bees.

Indications for use:

- phlebeurysm;

- Thrombophlebitis;

- violation of hematopoiesis;

- inflammatory processes;

- diseases of the genitourinary system;

- decreased libido;

- impotence;

- frigidity;

- prostate adenoma;

- decreased immunity;

- metabolic disorders;

- Overweight, obesity;

- a dysbacteriosis;

- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

- Constipation;

- digestive disorders;

- gas formation;

- Diseases of the joints;

- muscle pain;

- Thyroid gland disorders;

- diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

- short-sightedness;

- giardiasis;

- epilepsy.

Dosage and administration:

1)The powder from the dead bees №1 (simple) - as a food additive for a weight loss, improves the immunity system and returns the vitality to the body.

Crush dry insects into the powder and add a pinch of it in ready-made meals , 1-2 times a day or roll in bread crumb and eat during the meal.

2) The powder from the dead bees №2 (honey) - is recommended for any diseases indicated in the section "indications for use".

You should add a tablespoon of liquid honey in a glass with dead bees, mix it thoroughly and leave for a day so that the insects are well impregnated. Then, the honey-impregnated body of insects should be dried on low heat or in an oven at a low temperature to a crispy state, cool and crushed into the powder. The received remedy is taken 3 times a day by pinch on an empty stomach.

3) The alcohol tincture of beeswax is recommended as a biologically active additive for the kidneys diseases, nervous system, asthenic syndrome, metabolic disorders, overweight, intimate problems, diseases of the genitourinary system, the arterial pressure disorders, dementia, and also to increase the immunity system and return the tone to the body.

To make a tincture, take an enamel saucepan, pour a glass of insects into it and pour 500 ml of vodka. The resulting substance should be heated on low heat with a tightly closed lid for 10 minutes, cooled, poured into a container made of a dark glass with a tight fitting lid and infused for 15 days, shaking daily. The obtained tincture is taken 1 time per day for 1 teaspoon at the same time for a month.

In addition, another scheme for the use of alcohol tincture from the dead bees is known. It is used to clean the body from toxins. According to this scheme, the number of drops of tincture is calculated as follows: the number of age of the patient is divided by 2 and the number of drops is obtained. For example, if the patient is 40 years old, he takes 20 drops of tincture (40/2 = 20).

The drug is forbidden to the patients with alcohol dependence and who use the drugs that are incompatible with alcohol!

Side effects:

Allergic reactions are possible with the use of dead bees. If severe side effects occur, the treatment should be stopped.


individual intolerance of components, problems with the cardiovascular system, childhood, infancy, pregnancy and lactation period.

Special instructions:

Do not take dead bees if there occur allergic reactions to any other product of beekeeping.

Conditions and periods of storage:

The shelf life of the drug in a cool dry place is 24 months.

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